Death throes or do we not know something?

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko continues to declare his future re-election for a second term, despite losing the first round of elections to Vladimir Zelensky.

Картинки по запросу poroshenko

One gets the impression that Poroshenko lives in a world that is not connected with reality in Ukraine. Poroshenko blindly believes in his final election victory and continues to grossly violate the electoral rights of Ukrainians and falsify the voting procedure.
In the regions of the country, networks of recruiters are deployed, which create a mechanism for the controlled voting of Ukrainian citizens through bribery at the expense of funds unaccounted for in the Poroshenko election fund.
The heads of the regions and cities are working on a fictitious increase in the number of residents of settlements in official documents for the use of non-existent voters.
In all territorial election commissions artificially created the majority of voters voting for Poroshenko. This was done by nominating “technical” presidential candidates and saturating the composition of the representatives of the nominal candidates indicated by the electoral committee.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Border Guard Service have developed falsification algorithms with the votes of residents of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk absent on the territory of Ukraine, as well as citizens residing in Russia or the European Union. In order to control the situation during the voting and counting of votes in the upcoming elections Poroshenko’s supporters actively use bribing of election commissions. For example, secretaries and chairmen of election commissions for Poroshenko’s loyalty are paid at 1–15 thousand hryvnias, and ordinary members of the commission are paid 5 thousand hryvnias. These people are required to ignore the facts of violations, which should lead to an increase in the overall percentage of votes in favor of the current president.
However, the obsession of Petro Poroshenko under any circumstances, to keep the presidency in his hands may be a complete disappointment for him the very next day after the vote.

Vlad Zamansky

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